The Seersucker Suit

Although this year Summer has been shy, at least here in Porto, I didn’t want to let the opportunity go by to highlight one of the most iconic and timeless summer fabrics: Seersucker. Originating from India and brought to Europe back in the 18th century, seersucker features a unique puckered texture that translated to a crinkled effect fabric. This effect is permanent and achieved by uneven amounts of tension on different warp yarns. Most commonly found in a blue and white striped pattern (as the one depicted here), the actual range of shades is much wider, including pink, green, yellow, red, etc. The one constant element is that one of the stripes is always white.

After a recent visit to Gentleman, one of my go-to local stores whose garments I’ve highlighted several times in the past, we decided to go with a double breasted version of the classic seersucker suit. When bespoke is not a mandatory requirement, Made-to-Measure is the perfect alternative…The semi-industrial line provided by Gentleman allowed me to tweak just enough details to my liking and end up with a “unique” suit. This is a perfect example to dispel the myth that a MTM suit can’t portray special features and outstanding quality: from additional inner pockets for cigars, to lapel width, grey mother-of-pearl buttons or invisible inner lining slots on the patch pockets to conceal what you’re carrying, everything was customized to my taste.

Here I went with a more traditional, prep-inspired aesthetic, playing with white and blue for added visual contrast, portrayed by the club tie, fedora, pocket square and navy suede loafers.

Details: MTM double breasted seersucker suit and club tie by Gentleman Tailors, Giza 87 slim fit tab collar shirt by Emmett London, blue suede loafers by Buttero, fedora by Borsalino, shades by Linda Farrow Luxe and pocket square by Add-On.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira